Safety during offseason

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Safety during offseason

Postby kitina » Wed 07 Dec, 2016 22:49

Hi all, safety of your pool is important during the offseason. Even if you are away from the house, your pool may be subjected to climatic and microorganism’s reactions. I got a pool house constructed recently. I didn’t pay much attention initially on the offseason safety of the pool. Then my friend who came for my housewarming referred me a blog which described about the importance of safety and to do list for a pool while during offseason. It tells about installing a security monitoring device, adding enzyme chemicals, algaecide and chlroine for prevention of contamination and also methods to prevent the water from freezing. As a beginner, I found it really helpful.

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Re: Safety during offseason

Postby marvinwalters » Tue 27 Dec, 2016 00:11

You can also cover the pool during offseason. An air pillow can be used to protect the pool from snow and ice damage.
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Re: Safety during offseason

Postby lol » Thu 05 Jan, 2017 04:09

Well said Kitina,cleanliness also plays a major role in the maintenance of your pool.During the off-season the pool should be cared more to avoid the growth of micro-organisms.So you must maintain it regularly and also make sure that you cover it during the winter.I thought about sharing a blog which I read recently and I hope that you find it useful.Here is the link to the blog .Have a nice winter.

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