Thick looking water and floating particles - Help!

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Thick looking water and floating particles - Help!

Postby tbtc » Sun 11 Sep, 2011 19:51

We just moved into a home with a saltwater pool (we are renting). The owner said he just put a bag of salt in recently (approx 3 weeks ago). The kids have been in it almost everyday for hours. We test the water everyday.

The kids had splashed out a couple of inches of water and then it filled back in after a heavy rain. Suddenly the free chlorine level dropped to 0ppm. We added a bag of salt and after about a day the chlorine rose to 1ppm. The owner thought this was too soon to be adding salt, but we added the salt because the chlorine was 0.

Now the low salt indicator light is on (a day after we added a bag of salt) and the water has taken on a very thick quality (almost as if it is as thick as oil) but it doesn't have any oil floating on top of the water.

In addition, suddenly there are what look like short 1-2 inch hairs floating on top of the water and those hairs look as if they have collected some kind of film. We do have a cat that hangs out by the pool, wouldn't the hairs be sucked into the filter? There is also some mucous-like things floating as well. I took the screen to the surface for about 15 minutes and those hairs/mucous things are back more than before and the water looks thicker. I scrub the pool weekly with a brush and use the screen at least every other day. I'm not sure what else to do! Add another bag of salt? The owner made it sound as if he added a bag of salt every couple of months.

My tests are:

Free Chlorine: 1-2
Total Alkalinity: 70ppm
pH: 7.6
Total Hardness: 200
CYA: somewhere between 0-50, the color matches both the 0 and the 30-50. We just added acid a couple days ago.


Thick looking water and floating particles - Help!

Postby tbtc » Sun 11 Sep, 2011 19:55

I should add also that the water isn't green or cloudy, but it definitely doesn't sparkle. It looks very flat and thick. When we moved in the pool was slightly cloudy and some green algae was growing on the steps. The algae isn't growing anymore and it has become less cloudy.

Thick looking water and floating particles - Help!

Postby tbtc » Mon 12 Sep, 2011 08:11


The low salt light is now gone. Chlorine still tests at 1ppm. The pool water still has the quality of baby oil, and the surface looks filthy. The water still looks clear and no visible algae....

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