Fighting green water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Fighting green water

Postby southernstangs34 » Tue 08 May, 2012 13:12

i have a intex 22' by 52" pool. i added the salt water pump because so many people have spoken well of the performance it offers. my problem is there is a pecan tree in my back yard that dropped all its blooms in the pool i netted all i could and then vacuumed again and again. i have ran the filter pump around the clock. Afriend said to simply pour some bleach in so i tried that. the water was cloudy white for about two days and then cleared to reveal a vacuume job so i did vacuum. now it has rained and the water is back to green i am trying not to drain the whole pool due to costs and also wanting to enjoy the perfect temp. water thatis already in the pool if anyone knows what the next step i could try to combat the lime green that is infesting my pool it would be greatly appreciated

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