Maggot-like worms in bottom of pool

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Maggot-like worms in bottom of pool

Postby alp » Wed 31 Jul, 2013 16:26

I suddenly have lots of tiny (?maggot-like) white worms at the bottom of my above ground pool with salt filter. After several years, this is the first time I've seen this. We do have a large tree branch over the pool now, and the bottom of the leaves have lots of round pod-like things on them and small dark balls that do fall into the pool and I scoop out as they float. The pool store had me increase the pH and put some Back Up algae stuff in and said otherwise the water looked good. Vacuumed the bottom, did the recommended things and now 2 days later there were alot more. Any info would be greatly appreciated, as the people at the pool store seemed unfamilar with this problem. Thanks!!!!


Maggot-like worms in bottom of pool

Postby Elizabeth » Fri 13 Sep, 2013 17:54

I have the same thing in my above ground pool and I also have a branch over my one knows what they are....I only see them in the bag when I finish vacuuming they are very small like a tiny mAggot,they have gotta be some kind of larvae resistant to chlorine and shocking doesn't even kill them....they are gross....I switched back to chlorine instead of the salt filter but they are still in the pool.....they are gross....I took the pool down.
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I'm new here
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Maggot-like worms in bottom of pool

Postby Jackson1 » Mon 24 Mar, 2014 15:51

This sounds like something from a horror movie. I have no experience with worms in my pool, but I hope you find out what they are. It sounds horrible. Best of luck.
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