Very tiny tiny insects on the liner and in the water

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Very tiny tiny insects on the liner and in the water

Postby DBM » Wed 30 Jul, 2014 08:17

'I have tiny insects on my liner and in my above ground pool they crawl some fly. I believe they may be baby "no see ums" not sure, but can anyone suggest how to get rid of them they seem to stay alive in the clorinated water. What can i use for a spray which will not damage the liner?'

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Re: Very tiny tiny insects on the liner and in the water

Postby paulbest » Mon 15 Aug, 2016 00:31

The best way to get rid of water bugs is to eliminate what they eat. Attacking the algae is the place to start. Wiping down the pool walls will eliminate slimy algae growths. Skimming and vacuuming will gather more. Finally, shocking the pool repeatedly or using a double shock treatment, 2 to 3 pounds of calcium hypochlorite for every 10,000 gallons of water will kill the rest of the algae and likely many insects, too. Another brush down and vacuum job and thorough skimming and filtration should remove dead algae and bugs. Adding shock during the night prevents the sun from dissipating it too quickly.

After killing the food source, several steps will help keep insects away. An algaecide, used as directed, will inhibit algae growth. Using swimming pool covers, spraying invading insects with a soapy water mixture to kill them would also help. The most important thing, however, is to keep your water balanced with proper pH and chlorine levels. A quality pool water test kit, used constantly, is essential.



Get a bucket that has a lid, fetch some pool water and then pour the oil in it. We know from our elementary science that water and oil do not mix, so oil will float at the top. Using a pool skimmer, skim out the bugs from your pool and put them in the bucket with oil. Cover it with the lid and then wait for them to die.


as mentioned above, first aim is to eliminate food supply for bugs. without food, water insects will die. Shock your pool and give it about 2 days for the chlorine to evaporate and the level to get to about 1.0 to 3.0 ppm(parts per million) . Work out the amount of algaecide that your pool needs and then according to the instructions on the product you are using, apply it. After about 12 hours following application, brush and vacuum the pool to get rid of the dead algae.


this is the simplest and cheapest way of getting rig of water insects. This method alters the surface tension of the water so that they are unable to stand on the water and cannot make any bubbles of air to carry with them underwater. They will drown and then the pool filtration will get them out of the swimming pool.
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Re: Very tiny tiny insects on the liner and in the water

Postby BrianLattimore » Wed 12 Jul, 2017 23:56

Either you can go with what Paul has said, or else if you want to handle this stuff to someone who can eliminate this completely, than you should surely go for the pest control services. The team can give you the complete removal of the insects, no matter where they are actually present. Last week , my friend hired the pest control Folsom service for the extermination of termite infestation. I think they can help you too in solving your problem.
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Re: Very tiny tiny insects on the liner and in the water

Postby bredd » Thu 05 Jul, 2018 16:06

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Re: Very tiny tiny insects on the liner and in the water

Postby MarianGuzman » Thu 20 Sep, 2018 01:45

Today having of tiny bugs in your pool can become a major annoyance, especially when you look forward to spending time relaxing poolside.
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Re: Very tiny tiny insects on the liner and in the water

Postby KatherineReid » Fri 21 Sep, 2018 09:36

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