Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby jmurray » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 21:26


We pulled out about 25-30 what look like Millipedes from our pool today - they all were underwater on the walls of the pool. When using the pool brush to scrape them out, they then curl into a ball. They are about a inch long with tiny legs. Our pool service says they have never heard of this.

Has anyone else had this problem? I am curious to see if they somehow come back, but I am pretty sure I got all of them from what I can see.


Re: Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby Jennvegas » Thu 26 May, 2016 14:45

Hi! We are experiencing this right now? Any suggestions on getting rid of them? Thanks!
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Re: Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby paulbest » Sun 14 Aug, 2016 21:23

millipedes eat decaying material type of food such as leaves, or rotting wood. they are attracted to decaying material, so better clean and clear your property and other potential feast so they more likely go elsewhere in search of a meal.

you might also want to consider contacting a professional if problem is really out of your control. Professionals have access to chemicals that are more powerful and more effective.

Re: Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby Jul » Tue 16 May, 2017 09:59

Has anyone found an answer to this problem? We have dozens of them every day.
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Re: Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby marvinwalters » Thu 25 May, 2017 01:15

Clean the pool properly to keep Millipedes away.
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I'm new here
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Re: Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby MargaretCanipe » Wed 21 Jun, 2017 23:42

Make sure to clean your pool regularly.

Re: Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby Clgarza » Tue 27 Jun, 2017 06:36

My pool has these tiny millipedes that get in it every morning. I have an unground pool it is cleaned nightly and chemicals tested weekly. Every morning I get up the cement around the pool has tons of them making their way and in the pool there are so many it look like leaves on the bottom. I have rocks for my landscape outside of the pool area what can I use to get rid of these?

Re: Millipede Type Bugs In Pool

Postby Niles72 » Thu 27 Jul, 2017 19:19

We are experiencing the exact same problem! We have been in our house for 12 years and have seen a few of these "worms" in the pool in the past but this year they are out of control. We run the automated pool vacuum constantly but there are so many of these worms crawling in every night that it just can't keep up. We have had major algae issues in the pool this summer, as well and don't know if these things are related as we have never had this problem until this year. Any suggestions besides keeping the pool clean would be appreciated.

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