Pool water PH unstable + Not holding chrloine!

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Pool water PH unstable + Not holding chrloine!

Postby Terribly Inept » Sun 24 Sep, 2017 02:18

Hi all, hopefully someone can help me as I am utterly bemused by what is going on with my pool chemistry.
My pool is 10,000 galleons. I use a palintest Pooltest 3 to read my pools levels, I use the manufacturer supplied reagents.

Around a month ago my pool had a free chlorine level of around 6ppm, way too high for an indoor pool. I left it open to the sun for a few days without any chlorine treatment and have had on going problems since then.

My pool no longer holds free chlorine. I've been using a multifuncation chlorine tablet that also contains an algaecide and a flocculant (200g, contains Trichloroisocyanuric Acid).
My chlorine level has been 'stable' at about 0.28 ppm. I have tried adding stabilized chlorine granules, in addition to the tablets and also Sodium Hypochlorite 14/15% (Liquid Chlorine). None of these have had any effect at raising the free chlorine levels in the pool. It stays at an avarage .20 ppm - .40ppm.

The pools Ph was low at 7.0. Over the last week I had been slowly raising raising the pH. Yesterday night it was a 7.5

Went to test the free chlorine and Ph levels today. My meter is reading a free chlorine level of 0.28ppm and a PH of less than 6.5. (just reads (<6.5).

How the heck did my pH level go from 7.5 to <6.5 OVERNIGHT? and why is my pool not holding free chlorine?

I last shocked the pool around 2 weeks ago.

Please help I have absolutely no idea what the problem is here.

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