Very Nearby Irrigation used reclaimed non-potable water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Very Nearby Irrigation used reclaimed non-potable water

Postby rarroyo » Sun 25 Mar, 2018 10:22

I'm concerned about aerosols and run-off from my irrigation system that can get into my swimming pool and impact my family's health. I'm a new homeowner and recently learned that the sprinklers that water my lawn, which are only about 2 feet away from my salt water pool, use the city's reclaimed, non-potable water. Does anyone have any thoughts, advice, or suggestions?
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Re: Very Nearby Irrigation used reclaimed non-potable water

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 25 Mar, 2018 16:53

Where is your non potable water sourced from, that lake or river in the background (people swim in lakes and rivers)
There doesn't seem to be much spray near the pool, you could test the irrigation water
Just keep your chlorine in line with Chlorine / CYA Chart with relation to your Pool Levels
BTW you wouldn't call your pool water potable, so I wouldn't worry
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Re: Very Nearby Irrigation used reclaimed non-potable water

Postby Teapot » Mon 26 Mar, 2018 13:58

I would be a bit more concerned about legionella from the aerosol. Legionella is chlorine resistant. I would also get the water analysed for phosphate levels, pesticides, and coli forms, regularly as the seasons change. Who doesn't remember Erin Brockovich?

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