Green Water help please after brushing algae patch on bottom

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Green Water help please after brushing algae patch on bottom

Postby rogcov1 » Sun 21 Aug, 2005 17:56

Hi All

Took the cover off my 15 foot pool today to find the water very clear, but on the bottom of the liner in the centre was a patch of green algea growing about 6 square feet in size , so i checked the water chemicals to find chlorine was fine and the ph was a little high (pool had not been used for about 3 weeks) but i had checked the chemicals every 4 days filters had been run for 10 hours each day. i tried to use my super vac but this did not seem to work as the green stuff just seemed to blow out through the bag so i brushed the bottom of the pool but now the water is all a light green colour but it did remove the algae from the liner, i have shocked the pool with my regular chlorine granuals now at about 11.0 ppm . question... should i now use a Algaecide and how long will the green water last pool only has a skimmer that came with the splasher pool which is now running constant.

Many thanks for any help

Rog :lol:

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Postby sheila » Tue 23 Aug, 2005 22:48

Hi! Check out how I got rid of it under algae good luck sheila

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