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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 18' above ground round


Postby mpoland33 » Mon 20 Jul, 2020 17:08

Hello everyone! I've been good the past couple years but this year its problem after problem. Gotta love it.

First off, I have an 18' above ground round pool. I have a hayward filter with the "old style" fingers

I have two things going on, not sure if its related but I can't figure it out

1. My return is blowing DE back into the pool. It lasts about a full minute when I first start the pump but then it goes back to normal. It does not come out of skimmer back into the pool, only the return. That being said, something I can see into the pump and it looks cloudy. I've noticed sometimes the DE is not sticking to the fingers and just sits on the bottom. I've emptied the pump and filter out 3 times this year and washed out and started new troubleshooting different things. One of things I tried was replacing the filter drain valve since it was sticking and not shutting completely. Unfortunately, it didnt work but also still drips every once in a while...only when the pump is running on high.

2. I just started noticing that when the pump is turned on there is bugs and other insects that come out of the return....I can't figure this one. the skimmer is emptied regularly and the pump filter has a couple things from the trees that got through (real small specs off the trees) but not much.

Anyone have any ideas?

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