Mustard Algae or dead phosphates?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Mustard Algae or dead phosphates?

Postby martinjg8 » Mon 20 Jul, 2020 18:59

Hello, how can i tell if i have mustard algae or dead phosphates? It looks like a grey milky substance and will appear on the bottom of the pool. I vacuum and then will show up a few hours later.

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Re: Mustard Algae or dead phosphates?

Postby bloodog » Wed 11 Nov, 2020 15:44

I have just asked this question at my pool shop
He told me to get in the pool and scratch with my finger.
If its hard like metal it is
If its fury its algae
Then go back to him
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Re: Mustard Algae or dead phosphates?

Postby Teapot » Wed 11 Nov, 2020 17:30

Dead phosphates?
Black algae is hard to the touch and isnt an algae its a bacteria. A cyanobacteria.

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