Bubbling pool after 10 minutes

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Bubbling pool after 10 minutes

Postby jon1066 » Wed 26 May, 2021 09:21

Hi folks,

My pool starts blowing bubbles from the return jets about 10 minutes after the pump is turned on, and I could really do with some help working out what is causing it. What I know is ...

1. Once it starts blowing bubbles, it doesn't seem to matter how long the pump is on for, it just continues to bubble. I've had the pump running for 24 hours continuously and once they start, the bubbles just continue at the same rate.

2. If you turn the pump off, even for 10-15 seconds, the bubbling doesn't start again until the pump is switched back on and has been running again for about 10 minutes - almost like it's got a timer in it!

The flow from the pump is good and I've changed the filter basket O-ring seal, which is well greased with silicone and that made no difference. The pool itself doesn't leak and the water level only drops very slowly over time. Done the shaving cream test on the pump unions etc. and can't find any leaks there.

I've been told it could be the shaft seal on the pump motor, but whether that's right I have no idea! Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Jon

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Re: Bubbling pool after 10 minutes

Postby Denniswiseman » Wed 26 May, 2021 10:56

Yes definately a suction side air leak between your skimmer(s) and main drain
Normally a shaft seal leaks water if dodgy
Check your pump drain plugs

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