Daily dirt in pool every day

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Daily dirt in pool every day

Postby Grange » Sat 19 Jun, 2021 13:26

I say "dirt" because after two years, i have concluded that it's not sand or "mustard algae". Thought it was sand so wasted hundreds with new multivalve and a lateral. Still have dirt all around the outside edge of the above ground pool. It's heaviest a few feet down from the return, but in general its all around the outside edges of the pool. If you touch it with the broom or your foot, it "poofs" and dissipates. I am currently vacuuming to filter and then backwashing every day. I stopped sending it to waste because i can't fill up the pool 24/7 365. I have sand filter and all equipment is about 4 yrs old at the most. any suggestions would be appreciated

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Re: Daily dirt in pool every day

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 19 Jun, 2021 16:53

It seems that your filter isn't working properly
After a good backwash put some mixed DE (Diatomaceous-earth) in the skimmer. Also try running the pump slower if you can or restrict the flow
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Daily dirt in pool every day

Postby jpc647 » Wed 14 Jul, 2021 00:47

Do you have any photo's of the dirt your removing from the pool? Have you tried to do a SLAM? What's your CYA level? What FC level do you maintain?

I've had similar issues, except this year when I opened my pool by CYA was low (24) and the SLAM level seem to be making a difference. I'm wondering if because my CYA was higher, significantly higher last year if that affected my SLAM for some reason. I did bring my CYA up to 29/30 before I began slamming this year.

My dirt too clusters at the bottom of the pool, usually in the center, and only when the filter runs. I could not run the filter for 5/6 days and if I skimmed the leaves out, the "dirt" wouldn't come back. I'm getting a lot less in the pool the last couple of days, and thankfully it's been cloudy overcast, so the FC level has been maintaining a pretty solid 15/16 without having to add a lot of Liquid Chlorine and the amount of dirt I'm getting is a lot less.

I will say, Algea tends to "poof" when you try and pick it up. Do you have a Walmart or a dollar tree near you? They have kids quirt guns, but they look like giant plastic syringes. I've used them quite a few times to pick up some of the dirt/algea to investigate. I was convinced it wasn't algae, but after taking samples, I dumped an OZ or two of Liquid shock into a cup with the debris and it changed over the course of a few hours. If it was just dirt/debris it wouldn't have done that.

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