O'Rings Grease

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O'Rings Grease

Postby Reedy » Tue 31 Jul, 2012 05:35

Can someone please advise me what type of grease i need to use for the o'ring for the lid of my pump.

It has lots of little pieces of dirt in the housing unit of the O'ring and i am getting air bubbles through return jets, so i though i would clean the housing unit for the o'ring and put a fresh layer of grease on, but have no idea what grease to use.

Being a pool novice, am i doing the right thing.

Thank you

TSH Tech

O'Rings Grease

Postby TSH Tech » Wed 01 Aug, 2012 11:52

As a pool tech, I keep Boss 820 pool lube handy for most every o-ring application. It's a silicone based lube.
I also carry a more liquified version of silicone lube for sand filter spider gaskets and chlorinator o-rings.

:thumbdown: Never use petroleum jelly as lube. If you use petroleum jelly, you might was well take a pair of scissors to your o-rings and cut them up into little pieces. Same principle, scissors just get the job done faster.

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