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Vacum Cleaner

Postby astragalus » Wed 12 Dec, 2012 01:42

Hi I have a baracuda pool cleaner & it stops after about 5 minutes use. I have to restart the pump & off it goes again for another 5 minutes before it stops. I had the pool shop out they suggested it was the pool pump because I had had it rebuilt a number of times. So I bought a new pump and guess what it hasn't changed a thing. Has anyone got any ideas. I don't believe it is the cleaner as the one I had before did the same thing. :roll:

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Vacum Cleaner

Postby CGPoolman » Thu 13 Dec, 2012 11:29


Sorry you had to buy a new pump only to find that wasn't the issue :(

Since the pump is ruled out, try looking at a few other things. First thing I would check is your filter. If you have a DE filter with a multiport valve you should be able to bypass the filter and see if that improves the cleaner's performance. If you have a cartridge filter, remove the cartridge element and try running the cleaner. Your problem could be as simple as a worn out filter element causing too much pressure.

If you have a 3 way valve on your suction line, make sure it is set properly for the cleaner. Not enough suction on the cleaner line will make it stall out as well. Make sure the pump is drawing a full prime as well. You shouldn't see any air pocket in the pump basket.

Check the cleaner for any obstructions. I haven't worked on a barracuda in years, but I think they still have the same design where there is a rubber diaphram inside. Make sure nothing is clogged in there, or that there aren't any holes/tears in the diaphram. Also check the cleaner hose for any cracks or holes that could be causing you to lose suction.

That's all I can offer without actually being there, hopefully this is of some assistance. Let us know what you find!


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