Can not get filter cartilage clean

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Pirate jimmy
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can not get filter cartilage clean

Postby Pirate jimmy » Sun 17 Mar, 2013 19:18

I have a StaRite 27002-0150 filter that no matter what I do I cannot get clean. I bought a new one at the end of last summer because of a similar issue and now have the same problem. I remove the filter, spray with a hose at 45 degrees and once in a while use a cleaner on it. When it is clean the pressure is between 10-14 pounds but now, like before it goes right up to over 20 pounds even after cleaning. Needless to say the circulation is horrible. Wry thing I have read seems to imply I am doing the right thing yet a am getting no results. What am I missing? Buying a new filter all the time seems useless and expensive. Please please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Swimming Pool Pro
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Can not get filter cartilage clean

Postby CGPoolman » Mon 18 Mar, 2013 12:32


Have you tried acid-soaking your cartridge filter? Even if your filter "looks" clean a good acid soak can make work a lot better.

Of course, be sure to use proper hand and eye protection when doing this!!!

Find a plastic container tall enough to submerge your filter. Use 1 gallon of muriatic acid and fill the rest with water. Some folks suggest using a stronger mix, but 1 gallon of acid should do the trick for you. Then, put the cartridge in there and let it soak for about 24 hours. You should see it fizzing and bubbling right after you submerge it. After 24 hours, carefully remove the filter from the container and give it a good rinse with the hose before putting it back into the filter. If you do this at the start and end of the swim season, you should get a lot more life out of your cartridges!

I typically set the container at the top of my driveway, this way when I'm done I tip it over and let the acid/water run down and clean the driveway.


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