Skimmer is clogged! from vacuuming?

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Skimmer is clogged! from vacuuming?

Postby Cortney » Fri 29 Mar, 2013 12:38

Hello All. I am a new inground pool owner. The pool isn't huge, but not small either. What I've learned so far: people who are short selling a house don't keep up with pool maintenance. I acquired the pool that looked like a pond. I have been able to clean up the water so its a nice aqua at this point and I also had to scrape the deepend of all the leaves, pine needles, debris that was on the floor. I'm at a point now where there is dirt and sand at the bottom of the pool and I thought I'd try to vacuum.

I have a sand filter, not sure when the last time it was cleaned out. There are two skimmers and a drain in the deep end. I used the skimmer near the shallow end (i'm not sure if this much detail is really needed, so sorry!) to vacuum. The first time I vacuumed with the multiport on 'filter' the last time I did it the multiport was on 'waste' (I saw a video teaching you how to vacuum and they said waste was the best option). Anyway, I went out to clean the skimmers today and noticed the deep end skimmer had all the rubbish and was wooshing quite loudly whilst the shallow end has no movement whatsoever. I'm wondering if I clogged up the skimmer vacuum to the point where there's no suction and how do I remedy this? can you snake a pool?

on a side note, after vacuuming portions of the pool, it looks clean, but when I go out the next day it was as if I did nothing but stir up the dirt and then it settled! ahh!! all help/opinions are appreciated!

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Skimmer is clogged! from vacuuming?

Postby CGPoolman » Fri 29 Mar, 2013 15:02

Hi Cortney,

It is possible you have clogged the shallow end skimmer. The easy way to "snake" a pool line is to use a Hydraulic line flusher, also called a "line genie". You can buy one at your local hardware store. It basically is a black rubber boot that screws on to the end of your garden hose. You would insert the boot into your skimmer pipe and turn the hose on. The boot will inflate and force water thru the skimmer pipe. If you have a simple sand or leaf clog, this should blow it out in a few minutes.

If you are seeing sand in the pool right away after vacuuming, it is possible that something inside the filter is damaged. Most sand filters have a series of "fingers" at the bottom. If one of the fingers cracks or is broken, that will cause sand to blow into the pool. You should also check the gaskets in your multiport valve, a bad gasket can also cause sand to blow into the pool.

From what you describe it sounds like the pool was not taken care of very well by the previous owners at all, this is to be expected in a foreclosure or a short sale. Most of your issues sound filter-related, It might be worth a few bucks to have someone come out and give the pool a good once over. A sand change and a few new gaskets should have that filter running like new again.


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