What order should pool chemistry be adjusted?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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What order should pool chemistry be adjusted?

Postby drew7ster » Sun 19 May, 2013 15:03

I normally only need to add soda ash periodically for my pool to remain in PH balance. This year, with a new liner my alkalinity was 100ppm and I adjusted it with baking soda to raise it 20ppm, but it responded by adjusting to 160ppm.

Results of my current test per Hach Aquachek 7 strips"
Total hardness: 100ppm (low)
Total chlorine: 0ppm
Free chlorine: 0ppm
PH: about 8.2
Total alkalinity: 180ppm
Cyanuric acid: 30-50ppm

I feed chlorine into the pool and had found a good balance last year, but reset the setting from a one to a two. That said, my wife had added a few inches of water and then another inch or so of rain water. The high PH tells me to add Muriatic acid next, and then shock the pool to increase chlorine as I wait for the chlorine feeder to catch up. I do not know why 6 pounds of baking soda raised a 30,000 gal pool to 180ppm as it should have fine tuned to 120ppm according to my guides. I am slow to add muriatic acid as it is abnormal and the last time I did the PH dropped very low and I had to immediately add soda ash to get my PH corrected. I am concerned that I am getting false reads because I am not adjusting the chemicals in the correct order. Please advise. Drew

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