Filter Backwash - Doesnt last lot

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Filter Backwash - Doesnt last lot

Postby JGarland2 » Sun 01 Apr, 2018 16:51

I have a Jandy DE filter. I just replaced ALL of the filter grids with brand new ones a few months ago.

Everything was fine but lately the water flow seems to have slowed signifigantly.

If I backwash it works fine for a few hours or days and then the pressure at the filter comes back up and I have to backwash it again.

I have not been putting any DE in the skimmers.

That cant be it right?

Why does the pressure come back up and the flow rate slow down so soon?

I empty all skimmer baskets and the pump basket. The water is relatively clear.

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Re: Filter Backwash - Doesnt last lot

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 02 Apr, 2018 03:32

Your statement that the water is relatively clear indicates that you have an algae problem and your grids are getting blocked
An OCLT (overnight chlorine loss test) will confirm this
Test right at dark and again right at first light or before to see if anything besides swimmers or sunshine is eating your chlorine
Don't add any chlorine while testing (SWCG)
How are you testing? Pool stores and strips are widely inaccurate, you really need a Taylor K2006c or a TF100
What are your numbers
You need to Slam your pool with relation to Chlorine / CYA Chart and your recommended Pool Levels

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