Cleaning reserve water tank

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cleaning reserve water tank

Postby lagrena » Sun 05 Aug, 2018 02:05

My pool system has a reserve water tank from which the filtered water flows back into the pool. This tank collects various waste as sediment at the bottom which needs to be vacuumed out yearly but when I do this with the mulit-port set on waste the filter basket is full in minutes and vacuuming stops. How can I change my system to not flow through the filter? Note the waste is typically pine needles from trees on my property.

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Re: Cleaning reserve water tank

Postby Teapot » Sun 05 Aug, 2018 02:16

Could you use skimmer socks to catch the needles before they enter the system? On waste, the water bypasses the filter completely, it goes through the multiport and out to your drain.

Sorry re reading this, do you mean the pump pre filter basket? If so, how are the needles getting through the main filter in the first place to make it into the reserve tank?

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