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Auto cleaner

Postby steq184 » Sat 19 Aug, 2006 06:26

I have an above ground pool and want to use an auto vacuum cleaner, at the moment I use the normal hand vacuum that I plug into the skimmer by using an adaptor.
Firstly I dont want to keep using the adaptor so could I cut in a T piece to the skimmers pipe and insert a tap so I can turn on and off the suction to the auto cleaner.
Secondly by using this tap and leaving the skimmer open would this reduce the suction on the auto cleaner?
Thanks for any advice on this matter.

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Pool Care Proficient
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Postby kamkuda » Thu 07 Sep, 2006 05:51

I think I see what you are suggesting, FOr the Auto vac to work properly, you need to ensure you have full suction. Will adding this valve create a air gap as it pulls from both the skimmer and the vac. It may work but the T needs to be pretty low down., Atleast 2 feet

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