Filter Pressure

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Filter Pressure

Postby Ann » Fri 26 Jun, 2009 19:58

My filter pressure keeps running high. I have a DE pool. I took the filter apart and hosed off the filter panels but it is still running high. When I backwash, nothing seems to be coming out, at least not I what I should due to the high pressure. Could it be that maybe I need to soak the filter panels in muriac acid. Maybe they are clogged even tough I hosed them off. I am at a loss.


Filter Pressure

Postby SDpool » Wed 25 Nov, 2009 23:24


Filter Pressure

Postby Guest » Thu 26 Nov, 2009 03:03

Soak the panels, they are most likely clogged.

Filter Pressure

Postby Guest » Sat 28 Nov, 2009 18:34

yup... filter cleaner
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Filter Pressure

Postby mas985 » Sat 28 Nov, 2009 19:48

When you say running high, what is normal and what is high in PSI?

Have you made any changes recently?
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