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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Swimming Pool Neophyte

Postby beowolfpoet » Sat 18 Jul, 2009 22:16

My wife and I just purchased second a home with a gunite swimming pool. I have been a general contractor for almost 20 years and have never ever been involved with a swimming pool and know absolutely nothing about pools. The referenced home will not be our primary home, but for extended weekends, holidays, and hurricane refuge.

Pool is 22 x 38 x 10 (deepest spot)
Totally neglected and was once painted
Need to be re-plastered and new equipment
Home is 38 yrs old, assume pool is the same

Given the conditions listed above and opportunity for upgrading, please address the following questions? Please keep in mind that no one will be there everyday or even every week!
a.) Best Products for Bonding and Re-plastering an Older Pool
b.) Sand Filter vs Salt Filter for an Absentee Owner
c.) Recommended Pool Pump for Size and Manufacturer
d.) Recommended Pool Cover

In closing, if I cover the pool when I a not there, will I be required to run the pump as often and what of maintenance should I expect? I look forward to ideas, suggestions, and war stories.

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