Need Recomndation for a Pump to dose Acid

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Need Recomndation for a Pump to dose Acid

Postby smcrea » Wed 16 Sep, 2009 21:37

My pool is only 6 months old.

I have been maintaining it myself and my water balance is pretty perfect with an SI of +0.2

- Ph - 7.6
- CH - 350ppm
- TA - 90ppm
- FC 3.4ppm

I keep my CYA at 50ppm

My pool used an SWG for chlorine.

Hence I find the Ph is always on the rise. To keep Ph in check I dose with 8fl oz of acid each morning. Regular as clockwork!!!

What I want to do is automatically dose the acid with a pump and tank.

Can anyone recommend a system that is reasonably priced. I want to be able to set the system to start at a pre-set time then dose 4 times during the day with 2fl oz of acid. Then switch off at a pre-set time.

A battery backed clock would be a bonus.

Thanks for any help!

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Need Recomndation for a Pump to dose Acid

Postby mas985 » Fri 18 Sep, 2009 23:08

There are several peristaltic pumps on the market that will feed acid at regular rates but most are fairly expensive. eBay sometimes has them for less but there may be other options.

First, your TA is a little on the high end for a SWG. Lowering it could help reduce the rate at which PH climbs. Also borates might help as well to reduce the chlorine consumption.

I have a very similar problem and went a DIY route as explained in this post. This has worked quite well over the last couple of years but it requires a little trial and error to get the feed rates correct.
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