Summer Pool Shutdown

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Summer Pool Shutdown

Postby Guest » Sat 17 Jul, 2010 02:07

I live in the south of France and need to shut my in ground pool down for about two weeks in August. This is because it is our thunderstorm season, we need to be away from home and leave the electricity off to prevent lightning damage, and it will trip off anyway because of voltage surges! What is best: go through a winterise procedure although the water is at 28c, heavy dose with algaecide and chlorine, fit winter cover, a combination or just cross fingers and hope for the best?

Any advice will be appreciated, thanks, Chris

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Summer Pool Shutdown

Postby kevin89 » Sat 04 Aug, 2018 08:32


Closing a swimming pool permanently, or for extended periods of time, can end up costing you far more than you might imagine if you go about this the wrong way. There are a lot of completely valid reasons to want to shut your pool down for a long time. The owner of the pool may have died or is no longer willing (or able) to care for a pool.
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Re: Summer Pool Shutdown

Postby Teapot » Sat 04 Aug, 2018 17:13

They were just on holiday for 2 weeks can't you read?
@Guest, yes to winter cover, algaecide does practically nothing unless it's copper based. It will use up chlorine faster so forget it. Raise your chlorine level or use gallets in a floating dispenser. Some idea of your chemical levels helps and is it vinyl, glass fibre or tiled?

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