Pool Wizard recharger as Nature2 refill

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Pool Wizard recharger as Nature2 refill

Postby bhun » Thu 07 Sep, 2006 14:19

I currently have a Nature2 Express installed in my system. I have had reasonable results with it but it is costly. I am considering going to the pool wizart. My question is can I just recharge my NAture2 in-line canister with the pool wizard recharge stuff? HAs anyone tried this before? Any tips?

THanks in advance.


Jo Pool

Pool Wizard vs Nature2

Postby Jo Pool » Thu 22 Feb, 2007 20:30

No, you cannot expect the PW minerals to give good results with the Nature2.

Used to be a fan of Natur2 until I tried the Pool Wiz. It's way easier, cheaper and much more effective.

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