Pool Wizard and Metal Remover?

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Pool Wizard and Metal Remover?

Postby Guest » Wed 08 Aug, 2007 16:33


I started developing some pretty terrible black stains on my pool surface, which I believe is related to extremely heavy rainfalls here in Texas that increased my water's metal content. I'm a Pool Wizard user, and have found the product hugely successful. I know it uses trace amounts of metals to balance the water, though, and I didn't want to knock out my investment with a bottle of metal remover and ascorbic acid. So that is my question- can I use an ascorbic acid and metal remover treatment for my liner stains while pool wizard is in the pool without destroying its effectiveness? If not, is there any treatment I can do while using Pool Wizard that won't be detrimental to its effectiveness?

Thanks in advance!

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