cloudy water

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weary in the battle

cloudy water

Postby weary in the battle » Sun 20 Jul, 2008 13:37

Ok. I really hope you will help goes .I went on a two weeks vacation.Left my pool in great shape I had no one to tend it.When I returned it was very green.I have been able to get the ph and clorine balanced.I put 64oz. of algaecide it is no longer green but I can not get the water to clear up.I have vaccum many pool is an above ground pool 18ft round by 4ft deep I run my pump all day.At first I was having to change the filter every 2or 3 hrs. Now I have to change the filter only once a day what can i do to clear the water.[/b]

pool dude

Postby pool dude » Wed 30 Jul, 2008 23:30

what kind of filter do you have?

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