my blond kid now has green tinted hair

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my blond kid now has green tinted hair

Postby maidenleigh » Sun 10 Jul, 2011 21:31

im confused:( So do i soak my hair in ketchup fo 30 min??? wet or dry??? which works better??? Is that ok to wash down the shower??? Or do i need to do it in the kitchen sink???? :wtf:

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my blond kid now has green tinted hair

Postby chem geek » Mon 11 Jul, 2011 00:17

waterbear gives a procedure for removing the green from hair in this post (edited to remove dead link) and in this post.
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Re: my blond kid now has green tinted hair

Postby Pool Guyy » Thu 14 Jan, 2016 15:27

The poolspaforum link is broken so here's a copy of the procedure a'la Waterbear I had saved on my computer just in case...

If the green hair problems return I can tell you how to remove the green safely and quickly. Besides my having worked in the field of computers and electroncis and currently in education I have also been a licensed Barber and Cosmetologist for 29 years! This is how we did it in the Salon and also how I used to teach it when I was teaching those two professions. (Just think, a REAL insider beauty tip in this forum!)

1. Go to a camera store that sells darkroom chemicals and get some PLAN HYPO (sodium thiosulfate)---same stuff used as a chlorine killer in pools. Don't get the premixed acid fixer stuff--you want plain Hypo.

2. Go to the drugstore and get citric acid crystals. You can sometimes also find this at the grocery store in the spice section as "sour salt" that is sometimes used in Jewish old world" cooking but it will be big crystals that will take a little while to dissolve.

3. Dissolve 2 tablespoon of the Hypo and 2 teaspoons of the citric acid in 8 oz. of very hot water and let it cool to luke warm.

4. wet the hair and towel dry it so it is just damp (very important!)

5. pour the solution through the hair and let it sit until the green is gone. You should see the green color start to fade almost immediately.

6. When the green is gone or there is no more color change happening rinse the hair thoroughly with running water for a full five minutes. This will help to rinse out any copper that has been lifted out of the hair.

7. shampoo and rinse at least 2 times...3 is better.

8. condition the hair .

If some green color remains wait 24 hours and repeat the process.

To help prevent reoccurance DEAL WITH THE METAL PROBLEM IN YOUR POOL, then coat the hair with a thick protein based conditoner, and stick it under a swim cap before swimming until you are sure you have DEALT WITH THE METAL PROBLEM IN YOUR POOL!

The chemistry behind this is none too different from the chemisty in removing metal stains from pools with ascorbic acid, which involves dropping the chlorine levels (the hypo kills any chlorine that might be left in the hair) and treating with an acid substance (in pools it's usually ascorbic acid).

Back in the 70's I used to charge $30 and up for this green removing treatment and even then we tried to educate people that their hair wasn't turning green from the chlorine in their pools but from the copper based algecides. I worked as a colorist in a very exlusive day spa in Miami that had a hot tub and after the pool "professional" that took care of it dosed it with algecide we had a number of our blond clients that used the hot tub come out with green hair! :eek: Because I knew how to handle it right away (and did it for free in these cases) I am sure I saved my employer at the time from the possiblility of lawsuits.

To my knowlege the "swimmers hair" shampoos and products on the market are ineffective against this problem except for two products from Nexxus that when both used will work. They are Aloe Rid shampoo and Aloe Rid treatment. Together they contain in their ingredients..guess what...Sodium Thiosulfate and Citric Acid! The two must be used to remove the green. Just using one or the other is not effective. There might be others on the market but I have not come across them.

Hope you never need to use this info!:D

Just glad I had a backup to share. :wink: :wink:
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Re: my blond kid now has green tinted hair

Postby Larry » Fri 15 Jan, 2016 10:59

Thanks for sharing Pool Guyy

You never know when a resource might be lost or a backup needed. Waterbear's great advice may have been lost in the depths of the internet forever if you hadn't had the foresight to save a copy.


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