PH reduction

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PH reduction

Postby mikyengel » Mon 15 Aug, 2011 06:06

In order to reduce the PH from 7.6 to 7.2 I would like to know
what is the quantity (by grams/kilograms) of Sodium Bisulphate I need to add to a pool of 20.000 liters?
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PH reduction

Postby chem geek » Mon 15 Aug, 2011 14:09

You can use The Pool Calculator for an approximate calculation for this. It is approximate because the answer depends on the starting and ending pH and on the TA level though the calculator does use that info. You can set the units to metric as well.

Note that the use of dry acid will build up sulfates over time and that can be an issue as described in this thread. You can use Muriatic Acid instead and if you want to minimize fuming, you can use half-strength (15-16%) instead of full-strength (31.45%).

Also note that if your pH tends to rise, then your TA is probably too high since it is a source of rising pH due to carbon dioxide outgassing. Unless you are intentionally trying to lower your TA, I'm not sure why you are trying to lower the pH to 7.2 since 7.6 is quite reasonable.

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