muriatic acid in India

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muriatic acid in India

Postby memelet » Sun 31 Jan, 2016 03:22

I'm from the US now living in India. My house here has a fairly large pool (10m x 20m). The pool "experts" here consist of people of who never test the water and just toss a handful of chemicals into the pool from a dirty unmarked bag of who know what. I have since fired the "experts" and have been maintaing the chems myself.

Recently we had a leak in the pipes that caused dirt to enter the pool for some weeks. (I won't even rant now about how they "fix" pools here, let alone how they find leaks.) The leak is fixed now, but the pH is way way high. I searched and searched for muriatic acid to no avail. The owner of my house has given me (thru his pool "expert") a 5 liter jug of "LYWIN Cleaning Acid, Highly Powerful". The pool expert (without testing the water) says to dump the whole jug and see what happens.

But first I have no idea what kind of acid this stuff is? Has anybody heard of this brand. I can find pictures of it on the internet, but no ingredients. (Listing ingredients on products is not required here.)

In India (at least where I am, Chennai) you can only get the test kits for just chlorine and pH. And you can't get any chemical other than chlorine. No shock, nothing to adjust pH, etc. If you ask about those at the pool "stores", you are returned a blank stare.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: muriatic acid in India

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 31 Jan, 2016 05:52

Have you tried searching online for Hydrochloric Acid
Why don't you get some one at home to post a test kit to you

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