Muriatic Acid did not lower Alkalinity

Problems relating to pH and total alkalinity.
Increase ph, increase TA. Reduce pH, reduce TA.
pH chemistry advice and techniques for the pool.
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Re: Muriatic Acid did not lower Alkalinity

Postby andre747 » Fri 09 Sep, 2016 10:35

Thank you. I'll raise CYA to 70-80.
The muriatic acid is definitely hydrochloric 31.45%
Is your CH of 4 Chlorine? YES. and how do you maintain it. Maintained by the SWG Aqua Rite set on auto at 30.
Is Your hardness, calcium hardness? YES

Water is very expensive here but we'll consider replacing some of it. How much of the 23,000 gallons would you suggest?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Muriatic Acid did not lower Alkalinity

Postby Denniswiseman » Fri 09 Sep, 2016 12:51

Don't raise the CYA untill any drain and refill is done
You may wish to give Muriatic acid another go as your previous dosing may have thrown things haywire. Test before doing it and the test the next day to see the difference
If you are draining I think 2/3 of the water

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