lowering my toital alk...

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lowering my toital alk...

Postby Guest » Fri 08 Sep, 2006 18:16

Hi there,

I started with a Ph of 7.6 and a total alk of 180...

My goal was to lower the total alk to 100-120...

I added a little over a quart a day for the past 3 days according to the method "educing total alk"...

Currently my total alk is 130 and my Ph is 7.2

I want to get my total alk a tad lower.....should I add some Ph raiser before adding more acid to lower the total alk or should I continue to lower the alk w/ the acid?




Postby Guest » Sat 09 Sep, 2006 09:33

You Total Alk should be good. If you wish to reduce further then continue you current method of reducing TA. pH reducer is a dry acid and works to reduce pH and TA.

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