need to lower TA in above ground pool

Problems relating to pH and total alkalinity.
Increase ph, increase TA. Reduce pH, reduce TA.
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I'm new here
I'm new here
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need to lower TA in above ground pool

Postby Kathy » Thu 26 Apr, 2007 14:03

I have a 24 ft round above ground pool. I do have filtering and sand filtering pumps with new sand replaced this year. Chlorine, PH, and CA are all in normal range. But, the TA is very high. How should I bring this down without damaging the vinyl liner?

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Postby dynamictiger » Thu 26 Apr, 2007 19:03

Add Muriatic acid to a bucket of pool water and broadcast across the surface to cut the alkalinity. This is the least likely way to damage the vinyl.


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