high alkalinity

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high alkalinity

Postby wk » Sun 03 Jun, 2007 11:22

24,000 gallon pool. Chlorine is good. I can keep PH within range but cannot get alkalinity below 18-20 drops. When I really add the acid to control the alkalinity I drive th PH into the very low range. Any suggestions?

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Postby Buggsw » Sun 03 Jun, 2007 13:47

That would be normal that acid will lower your alk but also your pH.

You have to do it somewhat slowly.

GEt your pH up to the highest number in the range 7.9 first - aeration by running your pump 24/7 plus running a fountain or waterfall, anything that will make the water more turbulent or get the water through the air and fall back in small droplets - you can rig up an air compresser to pump air into it to bring your pH up. This takes several hours.

Then use the acid ball method of applying the MA to lower your Alk a little quicker than your pH. Turn your pump off. With the water being still, Take 3 cups of MA and pour it in one or 2 spots at least a foot away from the sidewalls and in the deepest part of your pool. Wait 20 minutes, then turn your pump on and let circulate for 24 hours. These "acid balls" are more effective at lowering TA.

Repeat the next day, if necessary. It can take several applications. If after the first application your pH is still high enough, you can apply the acid as described. Once your acid gets near 7.0, though, you need to aerate it back up.

If you ever want to decrease pH without lowering TA much, you turn pump on first and drizzle acid about a foot away from sidewall around the pool.

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