HELP, another PH TA dilema

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HELP, another PH TA dilema

Postby Havasufem » Tue 19 Jun, 2007 22:00

:?: I live in an area with very hard water that has high alkalinity. I just had to drain my pool and refill because my PH was 7.0 and I could NOT get it higher so I am very afraid to mess with my TA because I do not want my PH to lower. My problem is similar to anothers post but my TA is higher! Mind you I notice NOTHING wrong with my water at all. I tested it with the sticks and then with the liquid test kit, here are the results:

Hardness = 500
TC = 1; FC = 1
PH 7.6
TA = 160
CYA = 100

Liquid Kit
FC = 1
TC = 1
PH = 7.5
TA = 160

Now the TA has been between 160-180 for over 2 weeks and my PH has stayed about 7.3-7.5. But it does seem like it may be creeping up. You mentioned the effect CYA has on your TA so my questions are:
1) Is my TA really THAT bad?
2) If so, how do I get it down without loosing all of my PH again!

Thank you so much for your imput! Oh it is a 5100 gal vinyl liner

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Postby Buggsw » Wed 20 Jun, 2007 01:18

You are probably fine.

If your water looks good and your chlorine lasts and you can keep your pH in the correct range. You are good.

Try not to let that CYA get any higher. If you just refilled, I'm surprised it's so high already. I'd stop using stabilized chlorine products (tabs and shock) and go with liquid chlorine or unstabilized granular chlorine.

With a CYA of 100 you really should maintain a higher level of chlorine as high CYA reduces effectiveness of chlorine.

pH does creep up for most people. Splashing water raises pH, so if your family is in the pool alot, always expect it to increase. Windy days, raises pH. Water fountains, waterfalls and aerators increase pH. Some chemicals raise pH some chemicals lower it. For instance liquid chlorine will raise your pH, whereas stabilized chlorine will increase your CYA and lower your pH.

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