Muriatic acid question?!

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Muriatic acid question?!

Postby Guest » Tue 12 May, 2009 09:59

Hi, I could use some advice I went down to my local pool store and had my water tested ( note I have well water and just filled my pool yesterday and now I'm trying to get it balanced) but my ph is 7.4 perfect but my TA is 290ppm and my instructions are to pour 1.3 gallons of muriatic acid into a bucket with my pool water already in it, and a ratio of 1 part acid and 5 parts water, now this is where I need help, I'm just not understanding the amount I'm supposed to use and I'm feeling pretty dumb,
thanks in advance

oh and I have a 15' around 4' deep above ground pool that holds 4,440 gallons of water

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Muriatic acid question?!

Postby Me... » Tue 12 May, 2009 10:16

I would guess that what they are asking you to do is pour 1.3 gallons of acid into a 6.5 gallon pail, hence the 5 to 1. Of course this would mean using a 10 gallon pail with only 6.5 gallons of pool water in it. If you only had say a 3 gallon pail you might put 2.5 gallons of pool water into it and add 1/2 gallon of acid.

Now, that is their idea.

The recommendation is usually to use tap water, not pool water. This would be because quite often the pool water chemistry can be such that pretty volatile chemical reactions can take place. Maybe they know something about your well water that led them to suggest pool water.

I would be tempted to measure out a couple of cups and pour into the pool in front of a return so it spreads out somewhat right away. Then in several hours retest and do it again if needed. Have some soda ash (pH up) standing by because you probably need it.

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