Trying to Add Chemicals for the First Time

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Trying to Add Chemicals for the First Time

Postby lln7262 » Mon 21 Jun, 2010 14:41


I am trying to be sure that I am adding the proper chemicals to my new intex 15 foot X 4 foot deep swimming pool. I haven't added anything yet, and here are the results from my Aqua Chem 6-way test strip:
Total Hardness: 100 (low)
Total Chlorine: 1 (ok)
Free Chlorine: 0 (very low)
pH: 7.2 (ok)
Total Alkalinity: 40 (low/very low)
Stabilizer: 0 (very low)

I don't want to add too much or too little of something. I have had these kinds of pools before, and always seem to do something that causes cloudy or stinky water. You input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Some things that I have on hand from the last pool we had last year are Aqua Chem Plus 4-in-1 Shock, Aqua Chem Small pool Sanitizer, and Aqua Chem 20% Algaecide.....should I use these.

Thanks sooooooo very much!!!!!! :)


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