Chlorine pain

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Chlorine pain

Postby johnrayan » Wed 11 Mar, 2020 10:18

Alright so I chose to open my pool just because since purchasing the house the previous fall. The pool had a work wellbeing spread on it, and has not been opened since the late spring of 2018. So it is green. I have been running the siphon since yesterday at about early afternoon. I vacuumed to squander yesterday, and discharged 3 or multiple times.
I put 5 gallons of fluid chlorine in yesterday. Discharged channel at the beginning of today at 6:00am, and poured in one more gallon of fluid chlorine. So that is a sum of 6 gallons, and I have 3" chlorine tabs in the chlorine gadget with the dial turned as far as possible up. So my TF-100 test pack came today. So I was totally eager to test.
First thing is the R-0870 powder is hard as a stone is it expected to be that way? So I scratched enough out to do the Chlorine drop test. I did the drop test as coordinated, and added as far as possible up to 50 drops of the R-0871 fluid and it never got clear.
At that point I chose to attempt the every day test and as should be obvious it appears there is chlorine in the water. It would seem that its between 1 and 2 to me, yet I am reluctant to include an excessive amount of chlorine.
What am I fouling up or is on the grounds that the powder appears as though it might have gotten wet.
I have additionally took pics of the cards that were with the Kit I paid off amazon. Does anybody know these individuals?

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