Which chlorine & why?

Chlorinating, maintaining the right chlorine levels,
chlorine problems. Dichlor, trichlor, cal hypo, bleach,
granules, chlorine pucks and chlorine sticks.

Which chlorine do you use in your pool?

Trichlor - granules, tabs, pucks
Cal Hypo
Chlorinating liquid
Bleach - supermarket style
Total votes: 738
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Re: Which chlorine & why?

Postby Teapot » Mon 03 Jun, 2019 09:57

wcoast wrote:I'm glad you posted this topic, as I've been wondering which one to use also.

Without knowing what the pros and cons are you'll be in danger of posting stupid nonsense like some of the previous posters.
We have the information and we don't charge for it so ask and also have water test results to hand and not from dip strips.

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Re: Which chlorine & why?

Postby Denniswiseman » Wed 30 Sep, 2020 07:42

jamesjcapps wrote:Liquid chlorine is generally less costly than granular shock and comes in refillable containers, where granular shock does not. Liquid chlorine does not need to dissolve in your water as it is already in liquid form. In addition, liquid chlorine is non-scaling and leaves no residue. So I prefer Liquid chlorine

And you are not adding unnecessay CYA

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