SUPER Chlorinated

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SUPER Chlorinated

Postby texaslady583 » Sat 24 Jun, 2017 00:23

I opened the pool to a green algae mess because of a broken pump. Got everything fixed, and tested my chemicals. I had 0 CYA and 0 Chlorine. I have never had 0 CYA in past years, nor had I drained the pool so I figured I had ammonia build up. I put a gallon liquid chlorine in 2 nights ago, and my chlorine reading was 0 the next day. Last night I put another gallon of liquid chlorine in, and today my reading was still 0. It was then I decided to get a clear bowl (5 quart) and put one drop of chlorine tester in. One drop turned the water yellow. I HAVE SUPER SUPER chlorinated. I wouldn't mind so much because the sun had been out and 110 degrees the past week, and it would have a chance to burn off fast with no CYA. However, it's cloudy and 80 this coming week. Question... is there a chemical that will burn the chlorine, or what do I do? Thanks in advance!

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Re: SUPER Chlorinated

Postby Denniswiseman » Sat 24 Jun, 2017 07:23

If you have ammonia let the chlorine do it's work
How do you test you really need to get often accurate results to proceed
Test 1/2 an hour after dosing and then an hour later to see if it's gone down
Get some CYA in there and keep chlorinating regularly untill you get a FC reading
You will then need to Slam with reference to your Chlorine / CYA Chart

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