Cat 2000 + with Pulsar 3 erosion system

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Cat 2000 + with Pulsar 3 erosion system

Postby Jennings » Tue 16 Jan, 2007 04:33

please help, I am having trouble getting my chlorine to stabilise with the automatic system on my pool, using CAT 2000 + controller and a Pulsar 3 chlorinator. it uses ORP - but it is all over the place

Capacity of the pool is 128 000 litres and temperature 32 degrees celsius, PH is fine got that spot on within 0,2 ppm of the manual dpd reading. Chlorine, just goes haywire and overfeeds.

please help

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Postby dynamictiger » Tue 16 Jan, 2007 16:47

ORP controllers are all generally a little bit finicky to set up and get to control correctly. This is because ORP is pH dependant. Consequently every time the pH changes so does the ORP reading. This means that although the controller can control the chemical level it does need adjustment most likely daily and often more than that.

This is how I like to set them up when I have to use them.

1: Manually adjust the pool chemistry to where I want it

2: Calibrate the pH side of the controller and let it run monitoring the water against the pH results hourly and checking it is working

3: Wait 24 hours

4: Check the pH is controlling and not over or under shooting

5: Adjust the chlorine level manually to where I want it to be

6: Check the chlorine level at the probe is the same as the pool if not wait until it is

7: Set the ORP value and give the unit auto control of chlorine

8: Test hourly and compare the results with the ORP according to the curve for the instrument. If you don't have the curve, record the ORP and check it is following along correctly

9: Wait 24 hours

10: Check all pool parameters and check the ORP controller is still following along more or less as it should small adjustments are okay

11: Daily make small adjustments as required based on the manual water tests


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