Balance OK?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Balance OK?

Postby Gretta » Wed 14 Mar, 2007 22:22

Hi there,

Thanks in advance for any info.

First of all I live in AZ with fill water at TA 150 and CH at 400, and PH about 7.7. Honest. I checked with my Taylor 2006.

My pool TA is at 175 (160 with Taylor adjustment), and CH 1175 (down from 1800 after 50% drain/fill) My CYA is at 150 (best guest after refill). PH is at 7.7 and like a rock.

I'm running 8-10ish FC and with CC at 0 (or <.2) I'm holding FC easily with clear water and no itching so far (VERY limited swimming so far).

I know these figure are high, but I don't want to fight my water. I don't own the pool (renting) and the owner doesn't care. (there is a tiny bit of scaling going on). I am hanging to see if the CH and CYA go down a bit with backwashing/splashout.

I'm using 6% Ultra for chlorination, and will use Borax/muriatic acid if needed.

So do I freak out and fight these high figures fearing low CL effectiveness, or enjoy my nice pool?

First time pool owner here and very grateful for forums like this one!

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Postby dynamictiger » Thu 15 Mar, 2007 16:37

Others here may disagree with my approach, but this is very much horses for courses.

My concern here is the cyanuric acid level. This has to come down. The easiest way to do this is to top the pool up to the brim then run the filter to waste until it nearly can't suck anymore and repeat.

The CYA is an issue as it effectively renders the chlorine inactive.

Once this is down to say 70 could you report the water test results.

We will adjust the TA to accommodate the higher than usual level of CH, and this should reduce your plating.


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