Chlorinator operating 1/2 full of water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Chlorinator operating 1/2 full of water

Postby missrozita » Sat 21 Apr, 2007 20:41

My 3rd year with this pool. I have a Haywood filtration system. Haywood Model CL200 Chlorinator. Serial #340A33. Haven't had any problems yet...

I just opened my pool and got everything up and running today, but I noticed the chlorinator is not holding 100% water; only 50%. After working on it all day, ate dinner and went for a walk (about 2 hours) and upon returning the water jets were'nt pumping water, as if I had shut the pump off, but the motor was running.... I had the system set on "Drain" due to a bad storm coming through last week and pulling my cover in... the pool was full of debris. Wasn't planning on opening the pool for another 4 weeks or so... but ANYWAY.... switched over to "skimmer" and turned the pump back on and it's now running fine, but afraid to leave it on over night in case it cuts off and the motor continues to run, just like when I found it after my walk. Anybody know "what up?"

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