Chlorine pucks in skimmer

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Chlorine pucks in skimmer

Postby jeanette_williams27@yahoo » Sat 01 Apr, 2006 21:46

I was recently told by someone that putting Chlorine pucks in your pool's skimmer will is bad for the pool because it will eventually ruin your filters/mechanics of the pool. They said you should be using a floating chlorinator. The pool company that installed our pool said to put them in the skimmer. Is it true that it will eventually destroy your system??

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Chlorine pucks

Postby Pool Help » Sun 02 Apr, 2006 04:04

Hi Jeanette

Chlorine pucks are commonly placed in the skimmer. This can and does cause problems in the long term.

The pucks or tablets are typically composed of trichlor, which has a pH of around 2.9 . This is very acidic, and can cause corrosion of the metal parts and results in the leaching of the plastics, which eventually become brittle and weakened.

The effects on the skimmer basket are pronounced when the pump cycle is low and the water does not flow constantly over the pucks.

There are inline chlorine feeders available, which are plumbed into the return line after the filter. These feeders do not exhibit the disadvantages outlined above.

pucks in chlorinator

Postby Guest » Mon 20 Oct, 2008 10:26

how many pucks do i put in chlorinator and what do i put dial on. My freind said if i have 5 pucks in there put the dial on five. Is this true?

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