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Postby mr_clean » Sat 17 Nov, 2007 11:54

My pool is cloudy (after heavy rain), so I shocked it, but it never clear up. I have run the pump continously for several days, it is still cloudy. The most curious problem is that even right after I shocked my pool, my chlorine reading is always low (everything else is fine). I don't know what is the problem, it seems like something is drinking my chlorine. Is there such a thing? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

first suggestion, take water sample to pool store & get full set of chemical readings including phosphate to let us know more.

remember when shocking pool you want your chlorine level at 24ppm "shock level" until clear not just for a day. So you need to check chlorine level 2-3 times a day add liquide chlorine when needed to boost level back up & run "cleaned" filter 24/7 until clear.

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Postby Daniel mc Daid » Mon 14 Jan, 2008 03:17

You can do a few checks to see what this problem is.
Firstly what is you PH readings the higher your PH the less effective your chlorine will become. Then do a full chlorine test i.e. Free Chlorine Total Chlorine and Combined chlorine, this should tell if your chlorine is working.
It may be that you do not have enough in if you are trying to shock dose it then you may not be putting enough in and you are not getting any respomce from your pool.
Also check the circulation on your pumps and check to see that your filter is clean and working properly. If you have a block somewhere between these two then your water is not being filtered and you will get nowhere no mater how much chlorine you put in. Also if all this fails try adding some Aluminium Sulphate for a day then geive your pool an almighty backwash.

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