Liquid chlorine

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Liquid chlorine

Postby meatloaf » Sun 03 Feb, 2008 21:24

I've just switched to using liquid chlorine instead of tablets. Is there some sort of chart I could use to determine how much chloine I should use?

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Postby chem geek » Sun 03 Feb, 2008 21:51

Roughly speaking, one gallon of X% chlorinating liquid in 10,000 gallons adds X ppm Free Chlorine (FC). If you have a larger pool, then you need to add more to get the same ppm FC. So, for 15,000 gallons, to get 5 ppm FC when using 12.5% chlorinating liquid you need (5/12.5) * (15,000/10,000) = 0.6 gallons (about 9-1/2 cups). Alternatively, 2 cups of 12.5% chlorinating liquid in 15,000 gallons gives (2/16) * 12.5 * (10,000/15,000) = 1 ppm FC.

A great online calculator for pool/spa chemicals may be found at The Pool Calculator.


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