Liquid Chlorine Only - Is this wrong?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Liquid Chlorine Only - Is this wrong?

Postby greytblackdog » Thu 29 May, 2008 15:48

We're new pool owners, having purchased a home mid-summer last year with a 20x40 in-ground pool. We just kept doing what the previous home owner did last year which was put in liquid chlorine once a week. The water was stable and we didn't have problems.

We put in a new liner this winter and with the new fill we of course had the new start up chemicals to include (CYA, Baking Soda, Alge Inhibitor, Calcium, and Chlorine). But now every time we go to the pool store they look at us like we have 3 heads when we tell them all we use is liquid chlorine.

We don't use sticks/tabs/anything in the skimmer.
We don't have a chlorinator.
We don't use granulated shock.
We just use liquid chlorine.

Is this bad? Our water is clear. We're having trouble keeping a chlorine reading in the pool so far this summer, so I'm wondering if we need to do something else?

Thanks for any suggestions. We're new and sometimes we feel pretty stupid when we leave the pool store.


Postby Guest » Thu 29 May, 2008 16:43

Nothing wrong with using only liquid chlorine. Pool stores make $ selling chemicals and you aren't buying.

One thing you want is a good test kit so you'll know what is going on in your water.

Make sure CYA level is right. Keep pH and TA in line and the chlorine will be all you need.

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