Saltwater Pool, Scale, Levels off

Total hardness and calcium hardness in pool water.
Scale, calcium buildup, hard water and scaling problems.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 5 year old saltwater pool and components, no spa.
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Automatic Pool cover

Saltwater Pool, Scale, Levels off

Postby EPnbca » Tue 27 Apr, 2021 13:10

Saltwater pool w/ automatic cover typically giving low pH and CA readings, and very high TA readings. High TC and FC, and Lots of scale at bottom of pool. We have a weekly maintenance guy year round here in SoCal, but we're loosing faith in him and I’d like to educate myself before hiring someone else. I can provide more info, or if someone can give me some recommendations at face value. Thank you for your time in advance!

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