White cloudy substance on walls - is it scale? Photos.

Total hardness and calcium hardness in pool water.
Scale, calcium buildup, hard water and scaling problems.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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White cloudy substance on walls - is it scale? Photos.

Postby dr_harika » Sun 29 Jan, 2023 18:48

Hi All,

I think i have scale issue, but thought i'd just ask the question as i cant seem to get it under control nor be able to identify it.
My pool walls have a white residue, and when you scrub it, it comes off and makes the pool cloudy. I can continue scrubbing the same area over and over and still get white residue, so scrubbing the walls every few days hasnt helped. I also have a robot cleaner which scrubs, and it only makes the pool cloudy if run over and over again.
If the pool is super clear (after 24hours of pump on for example), then after a few hours of kids swimming in the pool, it is mega cloudy again, presumably because they disturb the pool walls/floor. Is this what you refer to as Scale?

Pool Chemistry seems ok - I get it checked at the local pool shop who have a report. Here is the last results:

45000 L Inground Pool, Sand filter with Glass media (newly filled), salt chlorinator - Tile top few rows then rough concrete finish for the rest.
Solar Roof heating
Robot Vac Cleaner which scrubs the walls, 100micron filter so doesnt catch much fine particles.

Free Chlorine 4.75ppm
Total Chlorine 5.70ppm
Combined Chlorine 0.95
pH 7.8 (i added 400ml of acid to lower this as per the report)
hardness 206ppm
alkalinity 125ppm
Cyanuric Acid 51 ppm (undercover pool)
Copper 0
Phosphate 0
Salt 4500ppm (Salt Chlorinator needs 4000-5000)

Photos attached so you can see the issue. It is actually a video, but couldn't work out how to upload, so I've just put screenshots

1Screenshot 2023-01-30 103414.png

2Screenshot 2023-01-30 103454.png

3Screenshot 2023-01-30 103521.png

Any ideas how to get this under control? Firstly, how to remove from the walls and then how to stop it from happening again.
Thanks for your help in identifying the issue and what to do to fix.

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